Cars From Hawaii

Hawaiian International Auto Show – Murcielago

With the 2014 First Hawaiian International Auto Show still very much in our memories, we thought we’d take a look at one of our favourite cars to appear on the show.


Lamborghini’s Murcielago is the ultimate supercar with a big V12 engine. The car’s dramatic exterior design is very beautiful, and the sound the car makes when driven briskly is even more beautiful. The car provides dream-like performance.

Audi’s influence in the car’s instrumentation is obvious, everything is of good quality and the controls and dials are logically placed and functional. The car’s instrumentation adds to the overall quality feel of the cabin.

The car is only a two seater but passenger space is good and the seats are more accommodating. The car comes with a decent level of standard equipment but buyers by far will be paying for performance and the ultimate driving experience.

The car’s 6.2-litre V12 delivers 580bhp. The car boasts a top speed of 205mph and this will be the major selling point for most buyers. The car seems a bit too wide to comfortably fit on UK roads, but its four-wheel drive system comes in handy.

The Lamborghini isn’t a very practical car for everyday use. It is more suited for occasional use. Fuel expenses will be about as high as it can get and buyers are not likely to be looking at a Lamborghini because of the car’s practicality.


The Murcielago is an extremely expensive car to purchase and run. Insurance rates and fuel expenses will be extremely high as well. Repairs will be very expensive and buyers should know that purchasing and owning the Murcielago will be an extremely expensive venture all-round.

The Murcielago is only a two seater but it provides good passenger space. Even taller passengers should find head and legroom adequate. The car’s seats are large enough to fit comfortably and most passengers shouldn’t have any problems with legroom.

The car’s controls and instrumentation are beautifully designed. They have been borrowed from Audi. This is a big improvement over the controls and dials that have traditionally been found in a Lamborghini.

The car’s seats are very comfortable and passenger space is very good creating a comfortable cabin area. The car’s electronic stability aids help to provide a smooth and decent ride especially impressive for a car that offers this much performance. The car’s four-wheel drive system comes in handy providing a more comfortable and stable ride.

The car is easily accessible and provides large doors and wide apertures. The car is set low to the ground and some passengers may have difficulty accessing the car’s seats but most passengers should find access more than adequate and shouldn’t have to do too much twisting and bending to access the car’s seats.

Parking can be tricky due to the car’s low stance. Visibility is limited and drivers must use caution while reverse parking. The car’s rearview mirror and large side mirrors make parking much easier.

Life Style

The Lamborghini Murcielago is one of the fastest cars around. It provides a rewarding, fast, fun and exciting driving experience. The car looks great inside and out and handles well. The car’s exterior style is very distinctive but buyers will purchase the Murcielago because of the performance on offer not the body style.

This isn’t a family car in any sense of the word. Children will not fit well in the car’s seats and may damage the car’s expensive interior. The lack of proper space and safety restraints makes it a bad idea to transport children in the Murcielago. Limited cabin space makes it unsuitable to perform any other real family duties.

The Murcielago is not a good first car. It is too expensive and would be impossible for a new driver to insure. There is way too much power on hand for a novice driver and parking can be tricky not to mention running costs and repairs are extremely high.

The Murcielago is a popular model and has an impeccable image as a true supercar; it’s fast and beautifully designed and provides the ultimate driving experience. The Murcielago boasts a better build quality and interior design than previous Lamborghinis. The car’s exceptional interior quality and the firm’s attention to fit and finish will help to boost the firm’s reputation.


 Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include a security alarm and an engine immobilizer. The Murcielago is an attractive performance car with a lot of kerb appeal. Buyers may want to purchase a visual deterrent as well.

The car comes standard with an excellent braking system, electronic stability aids, a four-wheel drive system and airbags.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s basic audio unit is of good quality and produces excellent sound quality.

The Lamborghini looks good in almost any colour scheme. The car’s exterior design looks very flattering in yellow and other bold, bright colours. Resale values should remain high due to the car’s waiting list and the popularity of the vehicle.


The Murcielago is a very fast and stylish supercar, it looks and plays the part both inside and out. The car will turn many heads and not only look quite impressive but sound impressive and deliver an exceptional ride as well.